The Exchange building provides members with a modern, efficient work facility. Services include photocopiers with the capacity to copy 8 ½”x 11”, 8 ½”x14”, and 11”x 17” sheets. Additional services include blueprint laminating services, as well as on-site Notary Publics.

The Exchange has taken the necessary actions to provide members with complete access to plans and specifications online. As part of these upgrades, the Exchange has purchased an Océ TDS 450 blueprint printer/copier and a blueprint scanner. Members are now able to order blueprints online. 

Plans and specifications for projects advertised may be checked out weeknights from 4:30 pm until 8:00 am the following morning and on weekends from 4:30pm Friday until 8:00am Monday, according to the guidelines in the Planroom Policies and Procedures. 

Click HERE to view our Planroom Policies and Procedures.



Copy/Order:  8½” x 11”

20¢ each

Copy/Order:  8½” x 14”

20¢ each

Copy/Order:  11” x 17”

30¢ each

Copy/Order:  18” x 24” (and larger)

$2.15 each

Scan & Email:  Large format


CD:  1-Project

$25.00 each


Contact FMBX

Shipping & Handling (UPS & USPS)

$5.00 Handling Fee + Current UPS/USPS Rates