Organized in 1904, the founders of the Fargo-Moorhead Builders and Traders Exchange, Inc (FMBX) had wanted to way to improve communications among the many builders and traders that made up the building industry in the area. In 1912, the FMBX was incorporated and became a not-for-profit, member-only organization. Over 100 years after our humble beginning – today we continue to offer the builders and contractors extremely cutting edge and valuable tools to assist them in the bidding process.


Located at 1010 Page Drive, Fargo ND, the FMBX office is a modern, efficient office facility designed and built especially to serve the needs of our members. Our large planroom is air conditioned and well-lit with ample estimating space for your convenience. Our parking lot contains spaces for 30 vehicles and we have on street parking available as well. Handicapped parking and ramp are located directly in front of the building.

FMBX has resided in its current 3,416 sq. ft. location since 1985. In 2005, a 736 sq. ft. addition was made onto the original building to accommodate a state-of-the-art electronic/online planroom. Since then, many additional updates and upgrades have been made to ensure that FMBX maintains its high standard of excellence.


The Exchange building provides members with a modern, efficient, well-lighted, air-conditioned work facility. Services include photocopiers with the capacity to copy 8 ½”x 11”, 8 ½”x14”, and 11”x 17” sheets. Additional services include blueprint laminating services, as well as an on-site Notary Publics.

Currently, the Exchange has taken the necessary actions to provide members with complete access to plans and specifications online. As part of these upgrades, the Exchange has purchased an Océ TDS 750 blueprint printer/copier and a blueprint scanner. Members are now able to order blueprints online. Due to the success of our online memberships, we completed a 700 sf. addition to the Exchange, as well as expanding the parking lot to accommodate our growing membership.

The Builders Exchange office hours are 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The plans and specifications for projects advertised may also be checked out weeknights from 4:30 pm until 8:30 am the following morning, and on weekends from 4:30pm Friday until 8:30 am Monday, according to the guidelines in the Planroom Policies and Procedures.


Click HERE to view our Planroom Policies and Procedures.


Copy/Order:  8½” x 11”

20¢ each

Copy/Order:  8½” x 14”

20¢ each

Copy/Order:  11” x 17”

30¢ each

Copy/Order:  18” x 24” (and larger)

$2.15 each

Scan & Email:  Large format

$1.00 each

CD:  1-Project

$25.00 each


Contact FMBX

Shipping & Handling (UPS & USPS)

$5.00 Handling Fee + Current UPS/USPS Rates


FMBX offers two different membership options. The annual membership fees run from July 1st through June 30th.

Basic (Includes Addenda):         $340 annually
The Basic Membership option allows members access to our physical planroom, photocopiers and fax machine at the Exchange. Additionally, members with this package are able to view a list of projects on file at the Exchange, when visiting the Virtual Planroom. Addenda access is also included in this level of membership. This level does NOT pro-rate throughout out the year.

Upgraded Full Online:                $1250 annually
Members with the Online Membership include all of the basic services. In addition, these members have electronic access to all bidding documents including specifications and blueprints for every project when visiting the Virtual Planroom. This level DOES pro-rate throughout the year

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Click HERE for a membership application packet for the FMBX.
*To Make changes to your existing membership, click HERE for a membership update packet for the FMBX.


The FMBX holds many social events each year. These events are designed to gather together as many members as possible, to allow an interchange of industry information and some good plain fun! Specific information about these events will prior to the events be posted at the Exchange and on our website (www.fmbx.org). Listed below are some of the annual events and the months in which they occur. Actual dates are published prior to the event. You must be a FMBX member to participate in these social events.

Annual Golf Outing


Member Holiday Party



FMBX also hosts several awards and community programs during the year.  Each year we issue a Construction Industry Award to a member of the Exchange who has contributed significantly to the science of construction, to the construction industry and to the Fargo-Moorhead community.

We also issue Scholarships to students in our area.  Applicants must have a junior or senior standing in academic field of study related to the construction industry.  Scholarship recipients are selected by a scholarship committee comprised of FMBX board members.

The other program we organize is the “Stocking Stuffers” Program.  This program is designed to benefit children in the Fargo-Moorhead area whose families are financially unable to provide gifts for the holiday Season.  This program begins in October of each year and ends with a shopping trip in December, where the children are able to spend $100.00 each.  All proceeds for this program come from donations made by our members and from the donations of local area businesses.  If the number of donations exceeds the number of children, the remaining donations go to local charities.


If the Fargo-Moorhead authorities advise NO TRAVEL, it is the policy of the Fargo-Moorhead Builders Exchange to be closed.  We will strive to provide as much advance notice when available to any and all closures.